of the
Imagine home and school
talking the same language
of positivity…

Picture harmonious homes,
playgrounds and classrooms…

Envisage the benefits of
greater engagement from
each and every one of
your students…

Make It Happen
Value of the Week is an innovative positive education program that makes these ideas a reality.

A structured and sequential program that is based in research yet firmly practical and accessible.

Value of the Week has students across Australia and New Zealand talking about the matters that really count though a common language of success.

How Does It Work?

Each week direct to your inbox you receive:
The Value Video
Accompanying Activities
School Newsletter Article and
Lesson Plan

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Here's what students are saying about the program...
Get in contact to see how Value of the Week contributes 3 hours of QTC Registered PD addressing 4.1.2, 4.3.2 & 4.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.
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Build a Bigger Future
Sharing our collective values is the key to healthy relationships at home and school.

It sounds simple enough but let’s be honest: we don’t always make the time to sit down with our friends or family to discuss the really important stuff. Let’s be even more honest and admit that sometimes when it comes to these discussions we often aren’t sure what to say.

Value of the Week supports educators and families to initiate beneficial discussions about virtues and beliefs that are often missing in our busy society. Topics range from trust through to creativity and respect to punctuality, and we explore a different value each week.

Value Video
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Value Video
Lesson Plan

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Newsletter Article
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Accompanying Activity
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Some of the schools experiencing the benefits of Value of the Week:
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